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5,000 ৳

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BD Cajon has introduced a Mexican percussion instrument called Cajon in Bangladesh. Cajon is a great instrument to play with unplugged music. However, Cajon sounds amazing with the use of different microphones.
We(BD Cajon) are mostly selling custom Cajon Instruments and the customization has no boundaries. However, we have categorized our Cajons according to building materials and sounds such as,
-SE Series Cajon 
-RE Series Cajon 
-‎BRE Series Cajon
-‎REB Series Cajon
-‎Majestic Series Cajon
-‎ART Series Cajon
-SP Series Cajon 
-PR Series Cajon 
-TR Series Mini Cajon 
-Replica Series Cajon 
-Custom Series Cajon
All of these cajon series are custom products except for the SE Series Cajon.
RE Series Cajon is very good for live shows and it is the introduction to our(BD Cajon) custom Cajon.
Red 4300/-
Green 4300/-
Blue 4500/-
Sky 4600/-
Violet 5000/-
Wooden/Yellow 4200/-
For more information visit: www.facebook/bdcajon
we usually take 4-7 days to build ur custom one! but in urgent cases we can deliver within a day. ( price may vary for your design)